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The Healing Lodge offers just one step on the continuum of care for chemical addictions.  This continuum ranges from Education Classes, Outpatient Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Recovery Program, to Intensive Inpatient.  Being on the far end of the spectrum, services may be utilized closer to home prior to recommending an inpatient program.  We encourage you to work with your local chemical dependency professional to determine the appropriate level of care for your youth and to follow their recommendations.  Referrals to The Healing Lodge frequently come after local resources have been utilized and a more focused intervention is needed.

How to Get Your Youth To The Healing Lodge

The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations is a referral treatment center that reviews information from the applicant, their family and various professionals in order to evaluate whether we have the appropriate resources to provide adequate care for the applicant.  We require at minimum:

  • The completed Part 1 of the Admissions Application
  • A recent physical exam (within the last year)
  • A recent Chemical Dependency Assessment (within 90 days)
  • If there is a mental health diagnosis or medications, a recent Mental Health Evaluation (within 90 days)

This basic information is reviewed by our Admissions Screening Committee - a multi-disciplinary group which looks to be sure that we can provide the care and treatment needed.  If there is not enough information present to make a determination, they may request additional information in order to make an educated decision about whether The Healing Lodge is an appropriate placement.

While the initial application is being reviewed, complete Part 2 of the Admissions Application and submit it along with the additional documentation.  This 2-step process is designed so that you can get quicker approval and receive either an admissions appointment or a spot on the waiting list.  Please be sure to complete the second part of the application process as quickly as you can so that the admission can take place.  Beds frequently open quickly and if we are waiting for additional documentation, it may be given to the next person on the wait list.