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Employment Opportunities

With just over 80 employees in a dynamic and growing inpatient treatment program, the Healing Lodge enjoys a fairly stable workforce retaining 83% of regular staff in 2011.  As a tribal program, preference in hiring of Native Americans is strongly supported, with nearly 50% of staff being Native American or descendants.  The remaining staff are strongly representative of other minorities including African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, and of Hispanic descent. 

Currently open positions include:


6.9.2012 - Male Skills Coaches.  Seeking staff to monitor and mentor our teenage male residents. This is a wonderful opportunity for males who enjoy working with adolescents ages 13 to 17.  This is an on-call position providing coverage for both planned and unplanned absences by regular staff.  Availability to provide coverage for all three daily shifts, weekends and holidays is a plus.  Please review the complete job description and submit your application according to the instructions below. Native American preference in hiring applies.


Employment applications are accepted for open positions.  All applicants need to review our Drug Free Work Place Policy and submit the Acknowledgement Form (the last page) with the application.  We keep job applications on file for six months and review them regularly when we have a position available.

Following is a brief summary of the types of positions we have at the Healing Lodge.


Chemical Dependency Professionals: Case management for the residents is handled by Chemical Dependency Professionals (CDPs) who are licensed by the State of Washington.  They provide the majority of counseling services for residents including developing individualized treatment plans, individual counseling on a weekly basis, group counseling throughout the week, and aftercare planning for when the residents complete their stay at the Healing Lodge.  When appropriate, Chemical Dependency Professional Trainees (CDPTs) are employed under the supervision of CDPs while meeting their required experience hours prior to achieving their full CDP credential.

Mental Health Counselors:  Each of the three treatment programs have mental health counselors available to support mental health needs that are identified prior to admission, but are stable enough to allow the resident to focus primarily on their drug and/or alcohol issues.  Mental Health Counselors are licensed by the State of Washington Department of Health and include Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHCs) or Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LICSWs).

Skills Coaches

Skills Coaches make up the largest contingent of staff and are responsible for helping the residents to develop strong daily living skills and to practice coping techniques like Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) to deal with isses that arise throughout their treatment stay.  Through shift work (Days 7:00 am to 3:30 pm; Swing 3:00 pm to 11:30 pm; and Sunrise 11:00 pm to 7:30 am) they keep the residents on track with thier treatment program and provide a variety of recreation and additional program activities like drama, dance (traditional Native American and other forms), drumming, singing, basketball, running, baseball, volleyball, flag football, and many more.  Responsible for monitoring the residents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is a demanding position which allows Skills Coaches to use their personal talents and interests with the youth to make sure that they have a rewarding experience while at the Healing Lodge.  Full-time, part-time and on-call positions are available.  Requirements include a High School diploma or GED, valid driver's license and clean driving history, and a desire to work with and enjoy our adolescents.  Transporting residents in company vehicles to medical/dental appointments and to enjoy activities around the Spokane area, applicants must be 25 years of age or older in order to be covered by company insurance.  Occassionally, younger applicants or those who cannot meet our insurance underwriting requirements will be considered.

On-Call Skills Coaches provide coverage for any Full Time Skills Coaches when they take time off either by scheduling time off like for vacations, or unexpected time off like illness.  We provide training for On-Call Skills Coaches, although there is no guarantee of hours because we cannot reasonably predict when staff weill need to take time off.  We require On-Calls to call in every day to let us know of their availability.

Culture Specialists

Two full-time Culture Specialists, one male and one female, work closely with the residents to explore their cultural heritage and provide activities introducing all residents to Native American culture.  As an integral part of the treatment team, their expertise and insight around culture infiltrates all aspects of treatment.  Cultural activities include Sweat Lodge, Drumming, Singing, arts and crafts, and for those youth that choose to participate, a Rite of Passage can be included towards the completion of their treatment stay.


Executive Director: Supervises the Executive Management Team that includes the Financial Director, Treatment Program Managers, Corporate and Community Outreach Manager, Expressive Arts Program Manager and the Human Resources/Special Projects Manager.  Appointed by the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is fully responsible for all aspects of operating the treatment facility and programs as well as implementing the Strategic Plan, budgets, funding, contracts, and public relations.

Financial Director:  The Financial Director supervises the Administrative Accounting Assistant, Admissions Coordinator, Food Services Manager, and Facility Coordinator and assures that appropriate budgets are set and implemented each year, financial reports are completed within required time lines, audits are completed, and oversees all financial controls for the Healing Lodge.  Financial functions such as budget development, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and investments are all managed under the direction of the Financial Director.

Special Projects Manager/Human Resources Generalist:  This position supports the hiring and management of all staff, provides education and support to all supervisory staff, and works on Special Projects under the direction of the Executive Director.

Administrative Accounting Assistant:  Supports financial functions including accounts payable, payroll, employee benefits and purchasing.

Other Positions

Program Managers:  Each of the three treatment programs is run by a Program Manager who provides the clinical supervision of the program counselors (CDPs and mental health counselors) and Skills Coaches.  They establish the curriculum for the program, coordinate staffing, and make sure that the residents under their charge are receiving the best progamming possible.  In addition, the Program Managers are CDPs who may also carry a small case load.

Admissions Coordinator:  Working with referants, parents, and other concerned adults, the Admissions Coordinator is a critical position that oversees the screening process as determined by the objectives of the individual programs offered.  The Admissions Coordinator is assisted by the Treatment Secretary who, together as a team, work diligently to help get the youth into the program.

Food Service:  The Healing Lodge provides 3 meals a day and snacks to residents 365 days a year.  The Food Services Manager and three full-time Food Service Workers make sure that the food is both nutritious and delicious, meeting federal and state food service guidelines.

Maintenance & Housekeeping:  The Facility Coordinator works with a Facility Technician and Housekeepers to keep the facility clean and in good working order.