In 1986 the Seven Nations met to discuss creating a chemical dependency treatment solution for their youth.The Tribes knew they would be more successful if they combined their limited resources to develop one cooperative program.With the help of Indian Health Services (IHS), they established the Inland Tribal Consortium (ITC) Youth Treatment Program in 1988, later renamed the Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations.With continued commitment and effort, IHS chose the Spokane area to become one of the 12 IHS Regional Youth Treatment Centers because of its central location among other Indian Tribes.The program, once established, was expanded to serve all youth (Native and non-Native).In 2017, the HL7N further developed its services to meet the needs of youth and their families by adding a comprehensive outpatient behavioral health facility.

What We Do

HL7N is a licensed 45-bed adolescent inpatient treatment center in Spokane Valley, WA.We serve males and females ages 13-17 who struggle with substance use, mental health, and behavioral issues using the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) level 3.5 criteria.

The culturally focused inpatient treatment program encompasses 90 to 120 days depending upon the individual patient's need. Using best-practice treatment modalities and culturally focused therapeutic counseling services, HL7N serves youth who experience chronic alcohol and drug addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Current Mission, Values, and Treatment Philosophy

HL7N is an indigenous-focused, comprehensive health organization that provides a safe and caring environment for healing. The wellness program is grounded in traditional, cultural, and spiritual values.These core values foster respect, honesty, generosity, strong cultural identification, and hope for positive future life changes. Integrating culture with comprehensive behavioral health and medical care creates a holistic, trauma-informed approach towards healing.

Vision Statement

“The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations aspires to open the hearts and minds of youth and their families by providing comprehensive behavioral health services and inpatient treatment through holistic healing; rising above their obstacles and returning to their communities bringing hope for all generations”.

Mission Statement

“The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations is an Indigenous-focused, comprehensive inpatient and outpatient health organization which provides a safe and caring environment for adolescents 13 to 17 years of age and their families.

Our organization integrates a strong cultural foundation within substance use, behavioral health, medical treatment, and support service programs, which creates a holistic, trauma-informed approach toward healing”.

Treatment Philosophy

Our core values are integrity, respect, innovation, excellence, teamwork, and safety. Hl7N's treatment philosophy is the belief that addiction disease is progressive and chronic and not a symptom of some other problem. Addiction is a unique entity diagnosed by its signs, symptoms, and criteria. Pre-existing or co-occurring psychiatric or physical issues affect the emotional, interpersonal, psychological, economic, and personal well-being that accompany addiction. Our counseling staff considers all these factors to treat the individual for addiction and substance abuse adequately.

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