Admissions Questions
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Admissions Specialist
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How to Apply

To apply for inpatient treatment at The Healing Lodge, you will need:

  1. The completed Admissions Application (link below)
  2. A recent physical exam (within the last year)
  3. A recent Chemical Dependency Assessment (within 90 days)
  4. If there are mental health diagnosis or medications involved, a recent Mental Health Evaluation (within 90 days)

This basic information is reviewed by our Admissions Screening Committee to determine whether we can provide the care and treatment needed. Please be sure to complete the application process as quickly as you can. If we haven’t received all documentation, the spot may be given to the next person on the wait list. Priority is given to pregnant injecting drug users, pregnant substance abusers and injecting drug users.

Admission Forms
The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations is a referral treatment center that reviews information from the applicant, their family and various professionals in order to evaluate whether we have the appropriate resources to provide adequate care for the applicant. We encourage you to work with your local chemical dependency professional to determine the appropriate level of care for your youth and to follow their recommendations. Referrals to The Healing Lodge frequently come after local resources have been utilized and a more focused intervention is needed.

There are many different types of care available for youth with chemical addictions, such as Education Classes, Outpatient Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Recovery Programs, and Intensive Inpatient Treatment. The right form of care depends on each individual youth and their specific needs.

Eligibility & Insurance Qualifications

The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations provides an intensive 90 to 120 day inpatient experience for those youth ages 13 through 17 who evidence cognitive development of at least 11 years of age, have a primary diagnosis of chemical dependency, and require less clinical supervision and behavior management. The treatment program is an ASAM Level III.5 Intensive Inpatient Clinically Managed High-Intensity Residential Treatment Program.

Generally speaking, residents at The Healing Lodge will not necessarily require intensive therapeutic intervention for other disorders, such as mental disorders or aggressive behavior, as part of primary chemical dependency treatment. A Licensed Mental Health Counselor is on staff to provide services to patients who participate in an intensive chemical dependency inpatient program. A mental health evaluation by a licensed mental health professional may be required for placement consideration. The Healing Lodge requires that applications undergo a thorough, multidimensional, individualized interview performed by a Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP) to determine appropriateness for adolescent chemical dependency treatment.