The Healing Lodge Alumni

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) do not require licensed treatment programs to evaluate and track outcomes. However, at The Healing Lodge we have been measuring outcomes and success rates for 3 years. We measure strengths, weaknesses and efficacy of our services and then we use that information make any changes to improve treatment. We also keep in contact with alumni to offer additional support if they need it.

Success Stories

On October 28th, 2011, The MusiCares® and GRAMMY Foundation’s® Teen Substance Abuse Awareness through Music Contest winners were announced, and 17-year-old Kevin, who recorded his song “My Way” through the Expressive Arts program at The Healing Lodge. He won 2nd place in the national competition. Kevin attended the Grammy rehearsals in January 2012, and received back-stage passes to the Grammy’s for himself and a guest. Through writing and recording his song during rehabilitation, Kevin was able to learn about the issues that brought him to treatment. Kevin’s story is representative of the truly amazing potential of addicted youth, and a great example of the healing powers of Expressive Arts.

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Other Stories of Success

  • One recent resident who successfully completed the program came back to assist with a basketball clinic that The Healing Lodge offered in her reservation community. She immediately immersed herself, and everyone soon saw how talented she was in a number of different areas: playing guitar, singing, crocheting. She shared that on her first day home, she took action in her life—much like she had while at The Healing Lodge. She accomplished more in one day than most kids do in their first month. She got her driver’s license and applied for an entry level job. She was immediately interviewed and, due to the confidence and leadership she demonstrated, was offered an assistant management position instead.
  • One former resident was raised by her grandmother. Since leaving The Healing Lodge, she has been working on repairing her relationship with her mother. Even though she is 18, she has moved back in with her mom, and the situation is going well. Interested in volunteering, she joined Habitat for Humanity. There, she was offered 500 hours in a paid volunteer position; however, she only took partial pay as it was out of a grant and she wanted to give back to her community.
  • One resident had been using meth before entering The Healing Lodge. While at The Healing Lodge, he acquired his GED and now holds a part time job while also going to college full time.
  • One resident tested positive for meth when admitted to The Healing Lodge and had many problems with his family as a result of his use. His treatment included music therapy which allowed him to share his words with counselors and peers, who could lend him support and direction. He recently celebrated one year of sobriety and continues to make music and perform in his area. He even signed with a small record company. He is doing great in school and has repaired his relationship with his family.
  • One resident entered treatment when he was 17. He had been using substances since age 14 and had progressed from marijuana to IV heroin. He also had legal issues stemming from his substance use. While in treatment, he focused on his substance use and explored how spirituality could help him in his recovery. He spent many hours studying various religious beliefs. During treatment, not only did he complete his 90-day program, he also earned his GED. He is now back at home with his mother and younger siblings, working a part time job for the first time. He is enrolled for college this fall.