Employment Opportunities & How to Apply

Employment applications are accepted for current and future open positions at The Healing Lodge.  All applicants need to review our full Drug Free Workplace Policy, and submit the online application below. If additional information is needed, please contact HR at HR@healinglodge.org.

The Healing Lodge is an Equal Opportunity Employer, which is reflected in our American Indian/Alaska Native preference policy. However, any and all qualified individuals are encouraged to apply. With each candidate, we will look into and consider criminal background, drug testing, education and previous employment history.

Your application will remain active for one year. We will notify all applicants through email, so please be sure to check the email account you register with regularly.

Current Employment Opportunities

Full job descriptions and additional employment information are available for each of the open positions posted below.

For more information, or with specific questions, please contact:

509-795-8368 or 509-795-8324

Tribal Program

As a tribal program, preference in hiring Native American employees at The Healing Lodge is strongly supported, with nearly 50% of staff being Native American or descendants.  As a whole, employees at The Healing Lodge are representative of other minorities including African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Hispanic cultures.

Above all, the employees at The Healing Lodge play an important role in maintaining and supporting the unique organizational culture that allows for innovative and empowering treatment. All team members are encouraged to engage with residents and to have fun. According to our staff members, the best part about their job is working with the kids.

The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations is committed to bringing together diverse perspectives which strengthens our team. Hiring and onboarding process is centered around supporting and celebrating diversity, equity, and belonging in all we do as an equal opportunity employer.


The Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations (HL7N) was established in 1988, it has grown into a progressive, expanding and developing comprehensive behavioral health organization and adolescent inpatient treatment center residing on 51 wooded acres. In early 2022 we are excited to report the HL7N began construction of a new Family & Wellness Health Center.

The Healing Lodge is an exciting, active, challenging and progressive place to establish a long-term career. Professional development is a key program, established and encouraged by the Administration of the Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations for its individual employee career growth. Employees create objectives that act as benchmarks to measure progress. as you work toward achieving your overall long-term goal.  Long term goals is a process of a series of short-term objectives to develop new skills, enhance existing skills or seek feedback from your team.

The Healing Lodge career development program offers six areas of focus; Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Behavioral Health, Business Operations, Program & Support Services and Family & Wellness Center operations.  Within these tracks, employees can choose a variety of learning paths or disciplines within a chosen field. Program participants who graduate with a well-rounded skill set and broad understanding of their focus area can then move forward by participating in the Internship program, and then to applying for new or vacant positions.  As a successful professional development program graduate you’ll receive up to an additional five percentage points added to your position interview rating score.

Next Step – When you are ready it's time to consider your options, to research the various department operations and select your goal, so you can get out there and begin developing both personally and professionally. Take the time to write out your program development plan and then schedule a meeting with your direct supervisor who will help you in your career path.

For background on how we work at the Healing Lodge, check out the following:

American Indian and Alaska Native Employees

As a tribal organization under Indian Health Service (IHS), the Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations is required by law to provide absolute preference in employment to American Indians and Alaska Natives who are enrolled in a federally recognized tribe as defined by the Secretary of the Interior. Indian preference requirements apply to all actions involved in filling a vacant position (e.g., initial hiring, reassignment, transfer, competitive promotion, reappointment or reinstatement), no matter how the vacancy arises. Any individual who claims Indian preference: 1) must submit proof of tribal enrollment/Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB); 2) must meet all qualification requirements as defined by the Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations qualification standards; and, 3) must be deemed suitable for employment. Falsification or misrepresentation of information is punishable under Federal Law, 18 U.S.C. 1001.

Drug Testing/Drug Free Workplace

As a treatment facility and consistent with federal employment laws, the Healing Lodge maintains a drug free workplace. We have a zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use by employees and by people applying for employment. Applicants will be required to pass a drug test.

Background Check

For each candidate, the Healing Lodge looks into and considers criminal background, drug testing,, education, and previous employment history.