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Employment Opportunities & How to Apply

Employment applications are accepted for current and future open positions at The Healing Lodge.  All applicants need to review our full Drug Free Workplace Policy, and submit the online application below. If additional information is needed, please contact HR at

The Healing Lodge is an Equal Opportunity Employer, which is reflected in our American Indian/Alaska Native preference policy. However, any and all qualified individuals are encouraged to apply. With each candidate, we will look into and consider criminal background, drug testing, education and previous employment history.

Your application will remain active for one year. We will notify all applicants through email, so please be sure to check the email account you register with regularly.

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Tribal Program

As a tribal program, preference in hiring Native American employees at The Healing Lodge is strongly supported, with nearly 50% of staff being Native American or descendants.  As a whole, employees at The Healing Lodge are representative of other minorities including African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Hispanic cultures.

Above all, the employees at The Healing Lodge play an important role in maintaining and supporting the unique organizational culture that allows for innovative and empowering treatment. All team members are encouraged to engage with residents and to have fun. According to our staff members, the best part about their job is working with the kids.

Workplace Policy

In accordance with “The Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988,” The Healing Lodge prohibits the unlawful manufacturing, distribution, possession, or use of a controlled substance (except when medically prescribed) in the workplace while working on behalf of The Healing Lodge.

The dangers and costs associated with drug and alcohol abuse (substance abuse) are significant and are manifested in a number of ways. Substance abuse not only leads to decreased productivity, it also leads to increased accidents, tardiness, absenteeism, property damage, workers’ compensation costs, health insurance costs, employee turnover, and employee theft. With this policy, The Healing Lodge intends to provide a working environment free of substance abuse and its attendant dangers and costs. This policy applies to all employees of The Healing Lodge and all those applying for such employment. Violation of any portion of this policy may result in disciplinary action including immediate termination of employment, even for the first offense.