Inpatient Treatment

Many addictive substances take up to 30 days to exit the system, and treatment cannot truly begin until the mind and body are clear. Inpatient treatment at The Healing Lodge allows for a complete detox period for the resident’s body to be free of those substances, and provides good nutrition to help their bodies and minds heal. Our award-winning inpatient treatment programs take youth out of their normal surroundings and put them into an intensive experiential environment that provides an opportunity for them to increase self-esteem, learn new behaviors, and learn how to recognize and control the triggers that cause them to resort to drug use when they’re at home.

At The Healing Lodge, we infuse the treatment experience with Native American culture which is proving to create a sense of self and pride for Native American youth, and creates a foundation rooted in respect for nature and family frequently lacking for both Native and non-native youth alike. We always encourage respect towards all cultures and practices at The Healing Lodge, and residents can decide whether or not to participate in tribal rituals.