Other Giving Options

Capital Funds

The Healing Lodge is currently seeking the funds to develop a Center for Youth Empowerment (CYE). This center will allow The Healing Lodge to complete the full continuum of care for youth across the nation by allowing residents to extend their treatment in a more formal outpatient aftercare setting. Though our capital campaign, we are seeking to raise $8 million to fund the development of the Center for Youth Empowerment adjacent to the current inpatient care facility. Contact Jim Walde to find out more about contributions our capital funds.

Endowment Funds

The Healing Lodge has established an Endowment Fund to create a safety net and secure the future of our organization.  Contributions to the Endowment Fund will be invested, and the interest will be used to fund future activities. Contact Jim Walde to find out more about how you can help secure the future of The Healing Lodge.