Exercise for the mind and body allows youth to connect with nature and the outdoors. At the Healing Lodge, physical education is a component of health and recovery.

Exercise is a critical aspect of health for every person, but especially for teenagers, whose bodies and minds are growing and developing rapidly, and for people healing from substance use disorders, who must choose health and detoxification as drugs or alcohol leave their systems. Exercise and physical education support programming at the Healing Lodge bring healthy physical activity into the holistic recovery process.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit

Neuroscience suggests that regular cardio and weight training can reduce anxiety and depression by 50% without medication, often precursors to drug use. That's why residents at The Healing Lodge participate in physical and athletic activities that promote good health. Residents' recreational opportunities include weightlifting, basketball, volleyball, running, and softball. Youth complete at least one hour of physical education activities daily, of which they receive school credit.

At The Healing Lodge, our recreation program is flexible to meet physical fitness needs and tailor programs to individual youth's interests. Our Physical Education Program and PE instructor gives residents opportunities for growth and improving health while teaching valuable lessons and offering a positive alternative to drug and alcohol use.

With over 51 acres and paved and unpaved hiking trails, residents have opportunities to explore. They will often see wildlife that calls this place home. There is also an obstacle course (Ninja Warrior-like) that residents can use. A professional ninja coach (weather dependent) assists residents in learning how to use each obstacle best twice weekly. Another opportunity to expand residents' opportunities to try new things is our Tai Chi class held twice weekly and led by a trained instructor.

Residents can participate in recreational activities during leisure times and as offsite field trips: snowshoeing in winter, sledding and inner tubing at nearby Mt. Spokane, or forest hikes on the Healing Lodge grounds. The Healing Lodge campus is a hospitable environment for teenage energy and activity. Residents can bike, ride skateboards, or utilize our paved trails for running and walking. Indoors and outdoors, our campus has spaces for healthy activities: a weight room, a baseball diamond, basketball courts, paved walking trails, and more. Physical activity is integral to holistic treatment, incorporating health for the body and spirit.

Exercise as a Tool for Recovery and Self-Care

A primary goal of the Healing Lodge's physical education programs is to introduce adolescents to various new activities that may support their recovery—ways to stay physically healthy, connect with nature, and enjoy the outdoors.

Each person has a particular activity critical in their path to sobriety. Our Exercise and Physical Education programming guarantees that residents experience new things and have opportunities to connect with activities that can become sober coping or self-care strategies.