Nutrition is a vital part of having a healthy body and supporting healing.

Nutrition is a support program at the Healing Lodge because we understand healthy eating as a critical dimension of overall health, healing, and recovery. Discovering and practicing healthy eating habits can support recovery.

Holistic Nutrition for Overall Health

Food plays an essential role in mental health. Youth at our facility are provided well-balanced meals with various flavors and colors and are rich in all necessary vitamins and minerals. Our menus are developed by our on-staff chef and kitchen team and approved by our registered dietitian. The menus are periodically reviewed and modified based on resident and staff feedback. We focus on seasonal produce and minimally processed foods. Meals consist of proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

While we focus on well-balanced meals and snacks, we also introduce foods from new cultures to broaden our youths' horizons. Residents often discover fresh foods they did not know they enjoyed. Indian butter chicken, Thai curry fish, Swedish meatballs, and regional Indigenous foods are just a few of our offerings. Youth are provided food in a structured environment. We accommodate food allergies and dietary needs. Residents are provided food in a structured environment.

Our holistic strategy includes locally sourced food, limiting sugar and processed foods, and cooking from scratch. This approach is consistent with our understanding of healthy eating habits that support overall health.