Requirements for Admission

Referents, parents, or legal guardians can complete an online admissions application. The following additional information is required:

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Inpatient Treatment

Adolescents are often referred for in-patient treatment after outpatient treatment has been unsuccessful. See the Healing Lodge’s excellence and effectiveness standards for providing inpatient treatment. The Healing Lodge:

  1. Provides Level 3.5 intensive inpatient treatment services, according to American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) standards
  2. Treats dual-diagnosis clients and co-occurring disorders —adolescents who have addiction issues and mental health diagnoses
  3. Is accredited with CARF International and the Joint Commission

Clinical and Supportive Programming

The Healing Lodge’s combination of clinical programming and holistic support programs creates a well-rounded approach to treatment that promotes healthy engagement in recovery.

  1. Clinical programming – excellence in substance use counseling, mental health treatment, medical care, and culturally relevant therapy
  2. Academics– residents can earn middle/high school credits through our on-campus accredited school. Residents can also prepare for their GED.
  3. Expressive Arts – residents will find healing through our music program, where they write and perform songs, create production pieces, and take music lessons.
  4. Culture – drawing on Northwest tribal values and traditions, residents can engage in cultural values, practices, and activities.
  5. Exercise and Physical Education – Healing Lodge’s beautiful outdoor campus, weight room, and gym offer extensive exercise opportunities for holistic recovery
  6. Nutrition – nutrition programs encourage residents to practice healthy eating
  7. Medical - {need wording}

Aftercare and Outpatient Services for Graduates

The Healing Lodge understands the importance of continuous care after an adolescent has graduated from inpatient treatment.

  1. Continuation of Care/Aftercare - learn what resources are available for continuation of care/aftercare and how Healing Lodge providers plan for care in an adolescent’s home community
  2. Family & Wellness Health Clinic Outpatient Services - adolescents and their family members who are local to Healing Lodge can continue outpatient services at the Clinic after they graduate from inpatient treatment.

Tribal Connections

To serve the recovery needs of Native youth, the Healing Lodge accepts referrals from IHS Tribal Health Programs, Tribal Juvenile Court Systems, Native CPS, and Foster Native Units.

Healing Lodge staff are always available to answer questions and assist our referents.

Contact us to learn more about holistic addiction treatment at Healing Lodge.