Therapeutic Programming

The programs at The Healing Lodge used to be based on a punitive juvenile correctional model, but over the last six years we have introduced a culturally relevant curriculum that has shifted treatment to a more therapeutic model. This shift had a rippling effect throughout The Healing Lodge that has led to improved approaches and strategies that support innovation in treatment. Our therapeutic model is focused on empowering the youth, removing stress and introducing healthy activities to redirect neural pathways – addressing the whole health of each of our residents.

Current data shows that because of this therapeutic model, youth are engaging at a deeper level and the overall quality of their treatment is enhanced, positively affecting patient engagement in treatment and completion. The innovative programming used at The Healing Lodge not only inspires deeper involvement, but also creates interest in new skills and interests that can be continued outside of the program.

This unique approach to treatment leads to a relapse rate at The Healing Lodge of 23% over the course of one year following inpatient treatment, a staggering difference from the national relapse rate of 90% one year following most treatment programs.