Welcome to Our Campus

Picture 006The Healing Lodge treats adolescents within a beautiful facility in Spokane Valley, Washington. The campus features 50 acres of rolling terrain, filled with beautiful timbered land and basalt rocks of the natural woods. The Healing Lodge moved to its current campus in 1996 to offer staff and residents a permanent place to call home.

Nested within a residential neighborhood, the location provides for a feeling of serenity – allowing the patient to feel like their treatment takes place miles out of the urban setting. The architecture of the campus and buildings at The Healing Lodge hold symbolic meaning, and the overall design of the campus evolved from Mother Earth herself.

At The Healing Lodge, we pride ourselves on having a truly unique and exclusive campus that benefits and supports treatment. The cultural aspects of our facility act as a base for the Native American elements that resonate in all areas of our treatment programs. For instance, the circular structure in the middle of campus serves as a symbolic representation of the unity and harmony that The Healing Lodge inspires.