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When is it time for inpatient treatment?

Are you concerned about sending your adolescent to inpatient treatment? It’s a big step, and it can feel overwhelming.

Learn if in-patient treatment is the right choice.

The very best treatment.

If your youth needs in-patient treatment, you want to know you are sending them to the best program possible! Learn more about our programs and approach to treatment:


Keeping up or catching up with Healing Lodge programs.

Our support programs are a point of excellence and distinction at the Healing Lodge. They surround and uphold the clinical standards, teaching values, self-expression, health, and balance.


When your youth is away from home.

It’s natural to be concerned for your adolescent when they are away and wonder what they are doing! See the Healing Lodge Activity Calendar and the Residents Handbook, which shows a typical day in the life of a Healing Lodge resident.


Please remember...

Are you helping your adolescent pack? You’ll need to know this list.

Please also be aware of our Zero Tolerance Expectations.

Outpatient services for graduates and families.

Healing Lodge offers outpatient services in substance use disorders, mental health, and medical care through the Family and Wellness Center on the Healing Lodge campus.
Continue the healing journey for your adolescent after graduating from our in-patient programming and access services for family members too!

Discover outpatient services through the Family & Wellness Health Clinic

Learn more about holistic addiction treatment at Healing Lodge.