Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health treatment and excellent supportive programming combine to engage adolescents while in treatment.

Clinical Services

The Healing Lodge's therapeutic treatment services provide each resident with mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing tools to increase adolescent engagement in recovery.

A Holistic Approach: Supports for Clinical Excellence

Our treatment is grounded in a therapeutic approach that meets current mental health and medical standards of practice. The process encompasses cross-team collaboration. The multidisciplinary team contributes to understanding what a youth needs and how best to support them in their recovery. Healing Lodge treatment incorporates support programs in education, culture, expressive arts, exercise, and nutrition which add incredible depth to the adolescent experience.

Resident with drum

The Healing Lodge specializes in treating adolescents. Adolescents are at a very particular stage of human development, and healthy adolescent behavior differs greatly from healthy adult behavior. That’s why it matters that our treatment is grounded in understanding adolescents’ needs!