The Healing Lodge has robust aftercare planning and works with the families, referents, probation, schools, and other community providers to ensure the resident leaves with a strong plan. In aftercare planning, the Healing Lodge connects with providers in Tribal and home communities where an adolescent is returning. Clinical staff conducts 30-day and 60-day discharge planning meetings. These meetings include Healing Lodge Behavioral Health Clinicians, Medical Care providers, and community partners to identify and discuss what services and resources an adolescent will need when they return.

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Continuing Outpatient Services at the Family & Wellness Health Clinic

Local adolescents who have graduated from inpatient treatment and their families can access outpatient services through the Family & Wellness HealthClinic on the Healing Lodge campus. Services are available for mental health counseling, outpatient substance use disorder treatment, and other medical services.

When making discharge plans from inpatient treatment, speak with your providers at the Healing Lodge to determine if outpatient services at the Family & Wellness Heath Clinic are right for you. They can also connect you to services near your home.